HELP Center

Updated FAQ

1. Payments

What Kind of Payments Do You Accept?

Lay-a-Way, Lay Buy and Financing?

2. Shipping/Dispatch

USA or Stateside Shipping

International Dispatch

How Long Will It Take for My Package to Arrive?

3. Reborning and Reborn Dolls

Do you sell Reborn Dolls?

Do You Make Reborn Dolls?

Reborning Tutorials

4. Do You Buy Dolls or Doll Collections from the Public?

Buying Used Dolls

5. Tips, Tricks and Instructions

Doll/Bear Joints Assembly

Repurposed Magnetic Doll Pacifiers

Free Reborning Tutorial

5. How to Measure & Conversion Charts (Metric, English)

Metric Conversion

How To Measure for a Doll Wig

How to Measure for a Doll's Eyes

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