Doll/Bear Joint Instructions

Doll/Bear Joint Instructions

Doll and Teddy bear Joints instructional info:

  • Joints are used to connect stuffed cloth arm, legs or stuffed head to a stuffed cloth body to create a moveable joint.  You can place the base flange into the arm, leg, head or body, although placing it into the body is preferable.
  • The base flange with the post is placed inside the body, which has already been stuffed to the armhole level. A very, very small slit is made in the fabric if there is no side seam. If the body won't be seen, it's a good idea to put a bit of Fray-check around the slit. You may also want to make a small "pad" of doubled fabric with a slit in it and put this on the flange before putting the flange in the body.
  • Once the post is worked through your slit, add small bits of stuffing around the plastic base to soften the contours.  Take the middle washer and place it over the post on the outside of the body. Finish stuffing the body.
  • Take the arm (or leg or head) and match up to the body for placement. Mark the spot where the post from the flange would enter the fabric. Make a slit in the arm fabric, if necessary. Stuff the arm up to the point where the post will enter. Turning the arm partially inside out, push the post through the fabric. Once the placement is where you want it then push the last washer over the post, pushing down until it meets the washer.  DO NOT push this last washer down until you are sure it's where you want it because this washer is NOT removable once it's in place. It "snap-locks" closed.


Lynne Bollhoefer

I am looking for cotter joints in size 10mm and15mm and 6mm black glass eyes – can you supply them to me?

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