Magnetic Pacifier Instructions

Magnetic Pacifier Instructions

  • New!  All new pacifiers made by Dolls so Real will have a north facing pole so you can use any of our pacifiers with the dolls you make from now on.
  • To use our hand-made (repurposed) magnetic pacifiers, THERE MUST be a magnet already inside the doll's head before you can use it. If you do not know if there is a magnet already in the head, just place any magnet by the doll's lip and if it attaches or pushes the magnet away, there is one inside.  If the magnet just falls, then there is no magnet in the doll's head and you will have to insert one to use our magnetic pacifiers.
  • If you buy one of our magnetic pacifiers and it pushes away instead of attaching, then the "pole" is not correct and either the magnet inside the head or the pacifier magnet must be turned over. 
  • We include an extra magnet with each pacifier for those of your making the doll from scratch. MAKE SURE THAT THE OPPOSING POLE is inserted to the doll's head correctly so the pacifier will attach to the mouth. You can test this before closing up the doll's head.  Questions?  Just email us!


Kati Bollhoefer

I just made a purchase #13744 i nned the black pacifier to be magnetic i ordered without. can you change it before it gets sent?

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