Dry Skin Formula Miracle Blend Air Dry Paints - 1oz Tube

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These paints are air dry paints and the same formula as Ultimate Fusion. They can be mixed.
  • 1 ounce Tube (30ml) of MBADP Dry Skin Formula
  • Wash ALL vinyl doll kits with warm soapy water. let air dry BEFORE painting. Let the pieces dry thoroughly before applying any mediums or paints. DO NOT clean the vinyl with rubbing alcohol! Soap and water only.
  • Miracle Blend's Dry Skin Formula was designed to create a realistic newborn dry skin effect. It is often seen on newborn babies especially in the creases of the hands and feet. 
  • Once the Dry Skin Formula dries it lightens just a bit, giving a true and realistic dry skin effect.
  • Made in Australia.

    • CLICK HERE to download Miracle Blend instructions provided by MB.
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