Vinyl Anatomically Correct Full Torso (Scherer)

$34.95 $24.95

We love the versatility of this anatomically correct front and back full torso. You can use it as it is or cut it for more customization.

  • Comes in anatomically correct boy or girl features.
  • Some torsos do not have a flange with a lip but a flange without a lip or if you have a head with no flange, you can use connectors to attach the head.
  • To connect the head, arms and legs, you must insert a non jointed body slip or find another way to attach limbs and the head.  See out non jointed body slips below.
  • Same light vinyl as most doll kits are produced in these days and match the newer Scherer, Knoops, Effner and Kits so Real vinyl.
  • Suited for 19-20" doll kits. 
  • Made in Germany. Phthalates free.
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