Fantasy Doll Kits

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Fantasy Doll Kits
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Tarni the Mermaid - A Closed Eye Mini Kit by Nadine Dolotova - ETA Summer 2020
Elf-Fred - An Open Eyed Doll Kit by Karola Wegerich - SHIPS June10
White Feather Angel or Fairy Wings (6"x5")
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Marin and/or Marceline - Open Eyed Fantasy Doll Kit by Pepe Catala - Pre Purchase
Mistletoe the Christmas Mouse - A Closed Eyed Doll Kit by Jade Warner Now Sold Out
Sold Out or Not Yet Available
Fritz - The Cheeky Goblin Doll Kit by Jade Warner  - Pre Order Open
2.35" Angel Wing or Fairy Wings - Perfect for Micro kits
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