Elf-Fred & Elf Fee Doll Kits by Karola Wegerich - Only One Set Available

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Special buy -  The Elf-Fred & Elf-Fee fantasy doll kits have the following features:

  • YOU ARE PURCHASING A DOLL KIT (blank parts/pieces) not a completed doll.
  • Each kit is approximate 21" (52cm) long when assembled.
  • Each vinyl head has open eyes (accepts 20mm eyes, sold separately
  • Full vinyl arms and legs
  • Cloth doll body slip is included 
  • COAs Included
  • Elf Fred - Limited Edition: 555 worldwide; Elf Fee - Open Edition
  • Price: $260.00 (made in Germany)
    • Note:  You are purchasing a doll kit(s). The photos of completed doll is shown as examples. Attention: The kit is blank vinyl parts with no paint or supplies.
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