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Mika Legler Reborn kit
8 results
Elijah  A New Open Eyed Doll Kit by Joanna Kazmierczak - Pre Purchase - Coming Soon
Joleen - An Open Eyed Doll Kit by Heike Kolpin - Pre Order OPEN
Lei Luna & Kiwi the Baby Turtle Enchanted Kreature Kits Set - Pre Order
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Caspian Squidling - An Enchanted Kreature Kit
Timothy - A Closed Eyed LE Doll Kit by Sabrina Hergarten - Pre Order March 6 - 21
Evin - A Closed Eye Doll Kit by Elisa Marx - Pre Order
Kai - A Closed Eye Doll Kit by Gudrun Legler - First Limited Edition
Miley - A Open Eyed Doll Kit by Cassie Brace - Pre Order
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