Pre Order Doll Kits

Pre Order doll kits or Pre Purchase items are NOT eligible for Coupons/Discounts at any time!

Please do not mix other items with your pre-order. Please do not mix pre orders. It does not cost more to pre order each kit separately. We will combine any orders submitted when this item becomes available to save you money on postage. We always try to save customers postage fees and refund overpayments when this occurs.

Pre Order Doll Kits
10 results
Salia- A Miniature 12" Closed Eyed Doll Kit by Olga Auer - Pre Order is Open!
Noah Reborn Doll Kit Linde Scherer
Yael - An Open Eyed Doll Kit by Gudrun Legler - Pre Order is Open!
Luciano Closed Eye Doll Kit by Cassie Ann Brace - Pre Order
Petya - An Open Eyed Doll Kit by Lenka Poláček Hucinova
Robin - An Open Eyed and/or Closed Eyed Baby Doll Kit by Nikki Johnston
Ida - An Open Eye Toddler Doll Kit by Karola Wegerich - Pre Order
Ephram - A New Closed Eye Doll Kit by Melody Hess - Plus Reborn Contest - Pre Order
Lola - A New Closed Eye Doll Kit by Bonnie Sieben - Pre Purchase
Opal Fairy Open Eyed 14" Doll Kit by Shawna Clymer - SOLD OUT