Manor Elf Momma Primsley - 29" Open Eyed Enchanted Kreature Kit - Pre Order


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Primsley is a momma Manor Elf by Enchanted Kreature Kits. She is the mother of Tinky, Tobby (new), Bipsey, Beesley and Posie (new).

First of her kind! Primsley is a mature adult Manor Elf doll kit and comes with an anatomically correct female upper torso. 

  • This is a doll kit, not a doll. The doll kit includes the unpainted vinyl parts. Each doll kit sold separately.
  • Primsley is 29" (73.7cm) tall. 
  • She has standing legs and arms shaped in a position to cuddle her newborn baby, Posie (sold separately)
  • Primsley accepts 28mm to 30mm doll Eyes
  • Optional Pregnant belly plate available for $15
  • Special Edition 777 (open edition may be opened at a later date)
  • COA included
  • Kit Price $165; Kit w/Pregnant Tummy Plate $180 (price set by the artist)
  • The baby Posie is NOT included. Posie is sold separately
    • Note:  You are purchasing a doll kit(s). The photos of completed doll is shown as examples.
    • Attention: The kit is blank vinyl parts with no paint or supplies. 

    • Pre Order Agreement

      By placing a deposit (or payment in full) on this item, you agree to the following: Only pre order the exact number of kits you plan to pay for. A $40-45 deposit is required (or pay-in-full) and deposits are non-refundable/transferrable.  Do not combine your pre order item(s) with other items unless you want the entire order held until the pre order kit becomes available to ship to you. This item has an ETA of TBA. The balance of $TBA plus postage, if applicable will be due at that time. 

      New - A balance due invoice will be sent at that time and you will have 7 days to pay the balance or the free shipping, if applicable, will be removed.

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