Baby K Clear Cap Wig - 14-15" - Strawberry Red Only LAST ONE

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The Baby K wig was our answer to many customer's request for a wig for babies with as little hair as possible and a clear cap too so the scalp looks more natural without having to root the hair.

  • Mohair and human hair available..
  • This is a close out item and we will not get more. Only options in the drop down menus are available. (All browns, auburns and black are sold out)
  • Thank you C.Jane Pinkstaff for sharing your picture of Sophie with us. Jane used our Baby-K Wig in light brown for her OOAK. She trimmed the wig to resemble a newborn's hair.
  • NOTE: This is a clear cap wig. That means the fabric that the hair is sewn to is very thin and sheer. You must take great care in gluing it on to a vinyl doll head or the glue will leak through. This is true of all clear cap wigs.
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