Carmalt Curved Splinter Tweezers 4.5"

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  • Carmalt Splinter Curved Tweezer 4.5" Premium Stainless Steel Instruments
  • Carmalt Splinter Tweezer 4.5", Working End 1.5 cm: Serrated portion of tips are about 1.4 cm long. Sharp serrated tips. Serrated tips with a sharp point on one tip and a hole on the other tip.
  • The point pokes through the material and through the hole for a positive grip. (see photo)
  • The Carmalt Curved splinter forceps has many uses including removal and placement of wound closure adhesive strips, suture removal, isolating small blood vessels for electrosurgical destruction, and holding suture ends prior to cutting. It can also be used to assist in suturing. For industrial, hobby or craft use as well.  
  • Premium AISI 420 German Stainless Steel with Superior Craftsmanship.
  • Non Slip Grip Premium Quality Handle
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