Chloe Complete Vinyl Open Eye Doll Kit - The Cradle

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Sculpted by Linda Murray. High quality German vinyl is still being used but The Cradle has softened the vinyl, especially the limbs, and now has CradleSoft vinyl. The Cradle doll kit has all the important parts, including a full girl torso for you to paint and assemble. Approximately 19" (48.26) when completed and includes the following: 

  • You are purchasing a doll kit/parts not a completed doll. Photos are shown as examples only.
  • Vinyl head with open eyes (accepts 22mm eyes*, sold separately)
  • One set of full vinyl arms and full legs.
  • One full vinyl, anatomically correct girl, torso
  • A high quality, custom made, ultra suede, inner cloth body slip is included with the kit. The jointed body slip is made to match the skin tone of the vinyl. Combining the full vinyl torso with the custom slip allows for pose-ability and a realistic feel for cuddle time. 
  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
  • All kit parts made in Germany.
  • Reborn artistry by Helen Jalland of Tinkerbell Nursery
  • Kit contains, head, arms, legs, torso, body slip and COA
*Eyes are not included.

Atenção: Você está comprando um kit de boneca, não uma boneca concluído. As fotos da boneca acabada são mostradas como exemplo apenas. Você está comprando o kit de boneca cru ou em branco