Daniel and Petra Twin Open Eye Doll Kit Set by Linde Scherer

$149.95 $124.95

Lovely doll kits by Linde Scherer. Petra (pink) and Daniel (blue) have the sweetest looking expressions! They are twins and each expression is slightly different.

  • Kits are approximately 16"-17" long when completed.
  • Firmer but soft vinyl head (takes 18mm eyes)
  • Soft 3/4 vinyl limbs
  • Made in Germany (phthlates free)
  • Two kits (2 heads, 4 arms, 4 legs). Sold as a set

NOTE: You are purchasing a doll kit. The photos of the completed doll are shown as an example. Raw kit photos will be posted as soon as they are available.

Atenção: Você está comprando um kit de boneca, não uma boneca concluído. As fotos da boneca acabada são mostradas como exemplo apenas. Você está comprando o kit de boneca cru ou em branco