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Econo Grade Glass Weight Bead/Crystals - 3lb bag Out of stock

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Glass, (crushed glass) beads for weighting your doll. Try these economical grade glass beads. Assorted colors and are about the size of very coarse salt.

Since they are not such a fine grade like some beads, you can put them in nylons, socks and other fabric and it won't sift through into the doll body.

  • Takes a little to weight a lot! 3lb bag
  • Glass beads weigh more per square inch than weighting pellets so you can put more in to the body for extra weight. It takes fewer glass beads to make the doll feel heavier. 
  • Glass beads also eliminate the issue with chemical reactions between the doll kit vinyl and the plastic weight beads. Although we suggest you still put the glass beads in a cloth bag or similar containment for inside the body slip, head and limbs, this would not be a requirement.
  • These glass beads can also ship to Australia and New Zealand.
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