Evin - A Closed Eye Doll Kit by Elisa Marx - Pre Order


NOT YET AVAILABLE. Coming Soon! (early July 2021)

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So sweet! Evin was sculpted by Elisa Marx The doll kit has the following features: 

  • This is a vinyl doll kit/parts, NOT A DOLL.  nhe photos are to show what the doll can look like after being assembled, painted, etc. (Eyes, hair, paint and other supplies are not included but sold separately)
  • Approximately 18.5" (48cm) when completed
  • Vinyl head with closed eyes
  • Full vinyl arms and full vinyl legs
  • Cloth doll body is not included. Click Here to order
  • COA 
  • Kit Price: $84.95 
  • Note:  You are pre-ordering a doll kit(s). The photos of completed doll is shown as examples. Attention: The kit is blank vinyl parts with no paint or supplies.
 Pre Order Agreement - Updated 04/09/2021
Please only order the exact number you plan to purchase since we base our inventory orders on the final pre orders received. 
A $20.00 non-refundable or transferable pre order deposit is required to pre order this doll kit. Do not combine your pre order item(s) with other items unless you want the entire order held until the pre order kit becomes available. 
This item ETA is approximately May 2021. The balance of $64.95 plus options/postage, if applicable will be due at that time. A balance due invoice will be sent at that time and you will have 7 days to pay the balance or the free shipping, if applicable, will be removed.
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