Genesis Heat Set Paints Artist Color 10 Jar (5g) Classroom II

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  • These mini paints are filled with 100% Genesis Artist Color Paints, we do NOT use thinners or fillers. Fill amount can vary due to the consistency of the paint colors.
  • 10 Mini 5g jars (6ml) of Genesis Heat-Set Paints (GHSP)
  • Measured by volume. 6ml paint jars are filled to the top of the jar where the lid threads begin. Overfilling the jar can cause leakage of oils in the paints.
  • Colors included:
    • Burnt Umber
    • Dioxazine Purple 04
    • Flesh 07
    • Flesh 08
    • Glazing Gel
    • Phthalo Blue 03
    • Phthalo Green 06
    • Pyrrole Red 02
    • Pyrrole Red 05
    • Thinning Medium
  • These smaller jars are packaged in jars that are safe for GHSPs. 
With this new 10 jar paint set you can follow along with Stephanie Sullivan in Secrist's Advanced Classroom DVD (sold separately). This paint set gives you exactly the same colors and paint mediums that Stephanie uses.


An Artist's dream comes true! Artists are hailing Genesis Heat-Set. Artist Colors as the most profound advancement since the invention of oil paint more than five centuries ago. It's no wonder; There's no waiting because Genesis paints dry on demand. With the revolutionary Genesis Artist Colors, there's no set up: paint on the palette and mixing tray will never dry; there's no rush; paint stays wet and workable for as long as you want. There's no waiting: Genesis will dry in minutes and only when you are ready.

    NOTE: Please read all instructions carefully BEFORE using these heat set paints. Do not use in your personal use oven as the paints and vinyl can create toxic fumes. Please use a heat set gun (sold separately) or an oven dedicated to the use of the heat set paints. Genesis thinning medium is recommended and for additional thinning, always use odorless thinner.

    FAQ Genesis Heat Set Paint Instructions/Information CLICK HERE

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