Genesis Heat Set Paints Mini Jars - Close Out


This is a closeout item.   We will no longer stock the mini jars of Genesis pizza paints. We will still stock half ounce and 1 ounce jars of the artist color.

  • These mini paints are filled with 100% Genesis Artist Color Paints, we do NOT use thinners or fillers. Fill amount can vary due to the consistency of the paint colors.
  • Mini Jars (5g) of Genesis Heat-Set Paints (GHSP) in a variety of colors (only colors in drop down menu are available.
  • These smaller jars are packaged in jars that are safe for GHSPs. 

An Artist's dream comes true! Artists are hailing Genesis Heat-Set. Artist Colors as the most profound advancement since the invention of oil paint more than five centuries ago. It's no wonder; There's no waiting because Genesis paints dry on demand. With the revolutionary Genesis Artist Colors, there's no set up: paint on the palette and mixing tray will never dry; there's no rush; paint stays wet and workable for as long as you want. There's no waiting: Genesis will dry in minutes and only when you are ready.

    NOTE: Please read all instructions carefully BEFORE using these heat set paints. Do not use in your personal use oven as the paints and vinyl can create toxic fumes. Please use a heat set gun (sold separately) or an oven dedicated to the use of the heat set paints.

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