Honeybug Cutie-Pie Micro Preemie Doll Pacifier


Item Description:

  • 1 1/4" w x 3/4" h (31.75 x 19.05mm)
  • Micro Preemie "Cutie Pie" pacifiers for little dolls size 10-14" (25.4 - 35.56cm).
  • These Pacifiers are especially designed for the Reborn baby Dolls.(A magnet must already be inserted in the dolls head for this pacifier to function). 
  • Did you know.... That you can change the handles to make different combinations of pacifiers? Well you can!  Pink base with a blue handle or a mint base with a white handle. So many combinations!
  • No more gluing or drilling - just snap off the cap, insert your 8mm or 3/8" Strong Neo Earth Magnet (N42 or higher recommended) and snap the cap back on and it's ready for your Reborn Baby.
  • by Honeybug
  • Magnets will be offered after you add this item to your cart.
  • Accepts 8mm, 1/4" or 3/8" magnet in the handle
  • If magnet (sold separately) is inserted, DO NOT USE for children under the age of 8 unless you permanently glue the cap in place. Magnets can be harmful or fatal if swallowed.