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Human Hair Eyelash Strips - Light Thread

$8.00 $5.75

Beautiful human-hair eyelash strips for your new doll kit or doll.

  • These eyelashes are strung on a small light colored thread.
  • The lashes are made of human hair.
  • Lash strip length is approximately 6-8"in (20cm)
  • Available in upper lash strips or lower lash strips.
  • Each strip can be cut (by you) to whatever length you want, so 1 strip can yield 8 to 16 eyelashes, depending on the length you prefer. Or you can add eyelashes by rooting them too.
  • Available in several colors. Only colors in drop down menu are available.
  • NOTE: Color batches vary with each shipment. Although they are close to the same color, variations do occur.

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