Lark Closed Eye Doll Kit by Mayra Garza

$109.95 $74.95

    This sleeping beauty can be brought to life by you! Lark is the latest sculpt by Mayra Garza. The Lark doll kit includes:

  • This is a vinyl doll kit/parts, not a doll.  The photos are to show what the doll can look like after being assembled, painted, etc.
  • The doll kit is approximately 19-20" (50.80cm)long
  • Vinyl head with closed eye expression 14" (35cm) circumference
  • Full vinyl arms and full vinyl, front entry legs
  • Limited Edition 250
  • Kit Price: $109.95 
  • Kit produced in Germany.
    • Note:  You are purchasing a doll kit(s). The photos of completed doll is shown as examples. Attention: The kit is blank vinyl parts with no paint or supplies.
    • Attention: You are buying a doll kit, not a completed doll. Photos of the finished doll are shown as an example only. You are buying the raw doll kit or blank.