Lilly Marlaine - A Crawling Open Eye Doll Kit by Sylvia Manning - (NO COA)

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   Not only do we love larger doll kits but this crawling baby sculpt by Sylvia is priceless!  Sylvia Manning has outdone herself once again with Lilly Marlaine. The Doll Kit has the following features:

  • You are purchasing a blank, vinyl doll kit, not a doll.  The photos are to show what the doll can look like after being assembled, painted, etc.
  • This kit is approximately 24" (60cm) when completed.
  • Head circumference is 17" (42.5cm). Open eye sculpt accepts 20mm Flat back eyes (suggested by sculptor). Head connector is included.
  • Full arms and legs with full vinyl body. No cloth slip needed.
  • Assembly instructions shown in photos.
  • NO COA for this doll kit. We can offer a Letter of Authenticity from Sylvia if requested. (We have 3 kits without COAs due to an error). These are the last kits we have available for purchase.
  • Kit Price: $149.95
  • Note:  You are pre-purchasing a doll kit(s). The photos of completed doll is shown as examples. Attention: The kit is blank vinyl parts with no paint or supplies.
  • Atenção: Você está comprando um kit de boneca, não uma boneca concluído. As fotos da boneca acabada são mostradas como exemplo apenas. Você está comprando o kit de boneca cru ou em branco