Mikayla Mohair Doll Wig 16-17"

$34.00 $29.95

Kemper is currently out of stock in all Mikayla wigs.  Awaiting shipments.

Cute and curly, 16-17" Mikayla mohair doll wig

  • Partial cap curly newborn mohair doll wig. Perfect for your Reborn doll.
  • Choose color (prices vary by color) Wig in photo is displayed on a Lee Middleton doll in the Strawberry color.
  • by Kemper
  • **These wigs run small** so take that into consideration when ordering. It is a partial cap and if you do not order big enough, the curls will not go to the ears. Thank you M.E. for pointing out our missing warning about the wig size!
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