Miracle Blend Premium Air Dry Paints 4 Fantasy Colors Set

$22.00 $19.95

We just received our most recent shipment of Miracle Blend Air Dry Paints which included 4 fantasty colors; Gold, Silver, Copper and Shimmer. We have created a smaller set for those of you who want to try them out!

  • Mini Fantasty Set includes 1 of each color (Gold, Silver, Shimmer, Copper)
  • 4 x .25 ounce Bottles (1 of each fantasy color)
  • Enough paint for several projects
  • See our larger Artist Fantasy Paint Set by clicking HERE.
Developed by Wendy Anne & Lisa Sylvia, Miracle Blend Premium Air Dry Paint is the revolution in air dry painting. Designed to look and paint as smoothly as translucent as the popular heat set paints without all of the harsh chemicals and solvents that they require. The paints are designed to be slow drying and to only require water for their use. A huge range of colors and affordable pricing make these paints perfect for reborners looking to try to something new. Miracle Blend Air Dry Paints come a wide range of colors so the mixing possibilities are endless. A little goes a long way just like genesis! Add water to get your desired consistency.
NOTE: These paints can be used on vinyl kits but they will also do great on polymer clay! These paints should work for painting over sealed GHSP pieces but GHSP would not work over Miracle Blend. GHSP will not stick on Miracle Blend or any other water based paints.
    • Made in Australia
    • CLICK HERE to download Miracle Blend instructions provided by MB. Click Here for more instructions by Adriesdolls.
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