Porcelain Nesting Paint Bowls with Lid - 3"

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  • Porcelain nesting bowls are a great alternative for mixing paint over longer periods of time. Although plastic palettes are fine for quick mixing and immediate use, they break down over time. Porcelain storage containers do not.
  • Porcelain bowls are weighty so they won't move around while in use. They will last for years due to their sturdy construction.
  • Porcelain bowls are also easy to clean and store.
  • Mixes and/or stores larger batches of paint. Perfect for the busy reborn artist who doesn't want to keep mixing for every part or kit.
  • 6 Pieces = 5 small nesting bowls with 1 lid (lid can be used as a bowl too)
  • Each 3" bowl and lid measures 3" diameter x 3/4" high
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