Low Stock - Silky Soft & Shiny 10g Bundle of High Quality Premium Alpaca Mohair


WOW, what a great response to this new ultra fine mohair.  Still awaiting a new shipment. We have heard that we will not be able to get more of this amazing hair for some time. The price may have increased as well. Thank you for your patience (4/29/19)

Amazingly soft, silky and shiny alpaca mohair. We did not believe it until we saw and touched it! Feels just like baby hair and is shiny. 

  • 10g of bundled mohair is enough for 1-2 newborn dolls.
  • Very fine strands of silky alpaca mohair in similar or same lengths
  • Works well for mono or micro rooting newborn hair
  • Used by many well known reborn artists all over the world including Alexa Cabot of Precious Wonders (Germany). See example photos 
  • Very fine rooting needle suggested for this mohair
  • Imported 
  • This exquisite alpaca mohair is one of the highest quality mohair you can find on the market. The very fine and silky alpaca mohair is sought after very much. It demands the highest prices as it is hard to come by.
  • We are very proud to be able to offer you a few select quantities of it in our shop. It is shiny, smooth, premium quality mohair. It is processed by hand, combed and dyed with special colors that make it shimmer. It is very similar to babies soft hair. Since you can not simply replace rooted hair, you should put a lot of emphasis on the quality. 
  • This fine alpaca mohair quality is also very efficient. There is very little waste and thus you can root with a smaller amount of mohair  Anyone who has tried this quality will rarely want to use another hair!
  • New photos coming soon