Pan and Puck Hobbit/Elf Doll Kit Set - by Lenka Polacek Hucinova SOLD OUT

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Perfect for making elves, fairies or hobbits!  Lenka has done it again with Pan & Puck fantasy style foll kits. The sweet little kits are hard to find. The set of 2 doll kits has the following features:

  • Note: You are purchasing doll parts, not a finished doll. The photos of the completed dolls are shown as examples only. All doll making supplies are sold separately.
  • Approximately 15-16" when completed
  • Head accepts 18mm eyes (sold separately)
  • Each kit comes with a set of full vinyl arms and 3/4 vinyl legs
  • Custom body slip is included
  • Limited Edition: 250 worldwide
  • Set of 2: $189.95 (Includes head, arms, legs and cloth body slip)
  • Sculpted by Lenka Hucinova at