QBonecas Reborn Doll Magazine Issue #7


    In this 7th edition you will find: 

    • Interview with the Brazilian artist Larissa Versolato. Larissa reborned the baby doll Charlotte by the sculptress Nikki Johnston & the toddler doll George by the sculptress Ping Lau. These babies were specially created to be released on our 7th edition, besides the never seen pictures, you will get to know Larissa a little more, find out about her present and future artistic projects.
    • Monickie Urbanjos.
    • Banker switches her stable job For the reborn art - Interview
    • Dolls Shows in Madrid- Spain. ( Article translated in 3 languages : Portuguese, English & Spanish)
    • Reborn doll meetings in Brazil
    • Conny Burke returns to QBM and introduces Josie Leigh, her first vinyl kit (available at Dolls so Real!)

    Featuring Artists

    • Katerina Karli – Katerina’s Little Stars
    • Linda Hill – LilyBug Nursery
    • Julie Molloy – Birds & Bees Nursery
    • Roberta Zaramella – Reborn Doll
    • Jacqueline Kramer 

    4 tutorials that you cannot miss, exclusive for QBonecas Magazine, step-by-step for you. They are:

    • Caucasian base coat / realistic skin effect in reborn dolls by the artist Viviane Aleluia
    • Learn how to make a micro rooting with 3 different tons of mohair by the artist Larissa Versolato
    • How to properly stuffing  and weighting a reborn baby doll by the Spanish reborn artist Silvia Ezquerra
    • Learn how to sculpt a lifelike baby doll ( head and limbs) using polymer clay by the artist Bonnie Leah Sieben - Amazing Tutorial! 
    • +  Surprise BONUS
    •  You will meet the artists who won our Golden seal by QBM

     and more!   5/35

    We thank you all for the patience, affection and loyalty to QBonecas Magazine!


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