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New! Premium Treasured Tendrils Wavy Mohair 1/2 oz

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    • Premium curly mohair. Selected for it's smooth pieces, these bundles are beautiful! This mohair has a superior luster and shine.
    • This mohair is so great to work with and roots very well.
    • 1/2 oz per package. Prices vary by length. 
    • Hair has been conditioned by the farm to prevent frizzing while handling.
    • Bundles vary in length. Choose from drop down menu. (Each bundle varies but the measurements are close. Each bundle has different lengths within it but once bundled, we measure it from tip to tip to get the length.)
    • We were able to flat iron the mohair with a good result. Not perfect, but we are not hair techs!
    • Only colors in drop down menu available at this time. Colors can vary a bit from photos but are really close.
    • Grown in the USA at Smithvale Farms in NC by Aunt B's Babies. Mohair can vary by batch but all are very similar in curl, kink and fullness. Please note that darker colors can "Bleed". Be sure to test it by wetting a small section and placing on a white paper towel.  If it bleeds too much, than we suggest returning the mohair to us so we can set it straight with our supplier.
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