Super Heavy Duty Craft Magnet (13mm x 1.5mm)

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 Super, heavy duty craft magnet

  • Round heavy duty magnets. 18 x 3mm (.71"). 1 piece per package. 
  • These magnets are super strong and can be attached to craft projects using a hot glue gun. Perfect for heavier projects of ones that need a stronger hold.

WARNING: Not for Children under Age 12. Swallowed or ingested magnets are dangerous and can cause death in ALL ages. Read the American Association of Pediatric's (AAP) Policy on the matter. If a magnet is ingested, please call your local emergency room immediately.

  1. Strong magnets can damage items such as TVs, computer monitors, credit cards (any card with a magnetic strip) and many more electronic items. Keep them far away from each other.
  2. Children should not use these magnets. They are small and can be hazardous if swallowed due to the possibility of choking.
  3. Under no circumstances should you try to cut, saw or drill any magnet. Dispose of magnets with your other toxic items such as batteries, paints, etc. Do not throw them away in normal trash bins.
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