The Art of Air Dry Painting - Peaches & Cream & Caramel Cream by Lara Antonucci

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In this DVD, master Artist Lara Antonucci of REAL Reborn and Angels in Waiting Nursery, will go over all the basics of creating Caramel Cream Skintones and Peaches and Cream Skintones with Air Dry Paints. She will be using Miracle Blend Air Dry Paints in the DVD, but any air dry paints can be used with this DVD.
This will show you different techniques to mix and apply your air dry paints, so it adheres to the vinyl, and creates depth like the genesis paints. We will also go over skin texture and sealing your paint. (You can also use Miracle Blend paints to cover heat set paints.)
You can achieve achieve "living skin" with depth instead of just paint on top of vinyl. The paint is designed to be slow drying and to only require water for their use. No more baking!
You will need: 
  • Miracle Blend or other Air Dry Paints
  • Painting accessories such as paint brushes, wedge sponges, palette
  • Doll kit or vinyl of your choice.
  • DVD is approximately 128 minutes in length
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