The Basics of Reborning - Creating Newborn Skin Tones with Lara Antonucci

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In this DVD, Lara Antonucci, of REAL Reborn and Angels in Waiting Nursery, will go over all the basics of reborning. This DVD will show how to paint realistic skintones in easy to understand steps. You will learn how to create the illusion of depth and lifelike baby skin texture. Genesis Heat Set Paints will be used. This will include: How to mix paint, Neutralizing, Skin Tone, Mottle, Undertones, Blushing, and fine detailing. A full color eBook approx 150 pages will be emailed to you and will go over each step in the reborning process including Painting, Micro Rooting, Inserting Eyes, Applying Lashes, and assembly.  Time Length: Approx 105 minutes.  
Supplies Needed:
  • Kit of your choice
  • GHSP set (Genesis Heat Set Paints)
  • Cosmetic sponges
  • Basic paint brush set
  • Thinning medium (for GHSP)
  • Glazing Gel (GHSP)
  • (GHSP sealing varnishes can be used but use caution and ask questions.)
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