• Double ended rubber tool used to smooth surfaces and apply or remove wet paint.
  • Eraser your "Uh Ohs" in glaze and paint plus smooth out finger prints, fill in holes and use to shape clay too.*This multi purpose tool is a must have for reborners!
  • For Paint and Glazes there is no mess to change color or correct a mistake. It's so easy to erase mistakes (non porous surfaces only), highlight, squeegee wet on wet and wipe back. Tips are solvent resistant (not solvent proof!)
  • For Clay, you can shape & smooth, fill in crevices, build up & take away clay, cut-out and clean up design work.
  • This multi-purpose tool is a MUST HAVE for reborners!
  • NOTE: Tool may come in sealed package as shown or in our packaging (not shown)
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